Here are some of the packages we can offer:


Singalong Workshop with Harriette and Ted
This event follows the successful format of Sing-along's weekly Exmouth Market events. It comprises 45 minutes of live music, singing, dancing, puppetry and theatre creating an intimate relationship between audience and performers. It is particularly suitable for small scale community events, private parties and settings where participants have complex/challenging needs.

"If you are looking for an excuse to roll around the floor and sing songs with the small people you love then you're going to need the help of Mrs H and the Singalong Band. Beautiful, uplifting, silly fun for small people and their taller friends."

Scottee, artist/ curator, 2015



Sing-along Band Extravaganza
The Sing-along Band is a family phenomenon and we can bring that to a venue near you! We bring live music performed by professional musicians to families in a way that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age, income or background. Our instruments include guitar, double bass, banjo, flute, accordion, drums, and trumpet. Performances last 45 minutes and include a range of handmade props, puppets, instruments for the audience and a mobile set. We have adapted our performance to suit a range of different spaces (both indoor and outdoor) and audience sizes (from 20 to 1000 people!)

"With her unique spirit she can woo capacity audiences to sing, dance and forget the world outside."

Camp Bestival 2014.



Sing-along Community Residency
In response to repeated requests, Sing-along has developed a 5- week programme for schools and community settings. Each week Mrs H will run a workshop where she introduces the songs and one member of the band, culminating in an all-singing, all-dancing performance with the whole band.  The final celebration can be opened up to parents, or members of the community to join in.
The project is adaptable and can be structured to suit individual needs.

"Mrs H and the Sing-along Band rocks. Anyone looking for a creative project for their school bring these lot in. Parents, kids, teachers - everyone singing, dancing and having fun together!" 

Lina Johansson, Mimbre artistic director and parent

"Mrs H and the singalong band have brought the school community together in a way that they haven't experienced before!

Led by Harriette (Mrs H ),our oldest children have had the responsibility of helping the nursery children learn songs, rhymes and actions. Everyone has then been actively involved in teaching parents these skills, which they can share with their children beyond the school day.

It has been a heart-warming experience to see families from diverse backgrounds and cultures come together as a school family, happily interacting as they learn together. That's the power of music!"

Nikki Daly  
Head Teacher Cubitt Town infants school

If you would like to find out more about bringing the Sing-along experience to your community, please send us an email or ring on 07984356909. We would love to hear from you.