Dear one and all,

Welcome to Part 13 of Mrs H Sings – Adventures from Home.

This week is full of music, bubbles, puppets and friends so we hope you enjoy singing along and meeting everyone.


Mrs H and the Sing-along Band


Our goal was to make 13 parts but we are happy to announce that we have had the ingredients for one last episode…so see you next week for more fun

and you'll find all the other episodes here


We are very happy to say that we have reached our Kickstarter goal!

THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT, particularly in these strange times.

Because of your generosity we will be able to finish the series off and keep the episodes flowing well in to the new year.

We were originally aiming for 12 parts but we have filmed an incredible amount of material so it might even work out more than that!

This year we have missed sing-along’s so much, not being able to perform has also meant we lost part of our income. ‘Adventures from Home’ has been our way of adjusting to these new times, giving us new skills, keeping our creative juices flowing and allowing us to keep in touch with you all. 

We are all very grateful for your support in enabling this to happen.

Mrs H and the Sing-along Band